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Saturday, April 28, 2007

CNN and French Bloggers

PARIS, France (CNN) -- On the night of the French Presidential election, CNN followed the work of popular French bloggers. You can find background on each below, along with links to their blogs.
Loïc Le Meur

Le Meur, 33, is one of the most famous bloggers in France. A former student of the French Business school HEC, Le Meur says he wants to "initiate conversations" with his blog.

The blog now boasts more than 150,000 visitors a month.

In September, 2006, he announced his support for Nicolas Sarkozy, and has become a member of the center-right candidate's campaign team, advising on Internet topics.

Although he has been criticized for being overtly pro-Sarkozy in his blog, Le Meur has interviewed other major candidates in the race, including centrist, Bayrou.

Loïc Le Meur's blogexternal link
Gilles Klein

Klein's blogexternal link is hosted by Le Monde newspaper and is entitled "The Lighthouse." He defines his blog as a "daily blog on the media."

A journalist at Liberation and then at ELLE where he was responsible for multimedia, he writes on economics, multimedia, blogs, social and political issues.

An online journalist since 1995, he is also chief editor of Pointblogexternal link, the daily magazine of blogging -- the "second blog in France" according to a 2006 survey.

He was member of the jury in the international contest of blogs organized by national German radio in Berlin, and the blogging contest organized by Expedia France in Paris in 2006.
Hugues Serraf

A journalist by profession, Serraf keeps his job and blogging separate.

Writing for papers in France, he has his own site, as well as contributing to a series of other French blogs.

Adding a level of personal opinion to the blog, he opposes the position of center-right Sarkozy.

During the campaign, he has chosen to support socialist candidate Segolene Royal.

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