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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Dipietro and politics in Italy

Politics on the Internet


At the Italia dei Valori meeting in Vasto I have talked about this blog as a tool for direct communication and participation for people in the political life.
As well as the journalists, I invited a group of bloggers to Vasto. They are following the event and are describing it in their blogs in real time. They are on the Internet backed up with audio and video.
I believe that this is a first for such a group to be officially present at a political meeting. The Internet, thanks to the possibility of giving direct knowledge about the facts whether they are political or related to the actions of the government, is a new and important democratic tool. A tool for `direct democracy’.

In its DNA, Italia dei Valori has transparency, and the wish to engage with the citizens.
The meeting at Vasto and some of its most important happenings that are the most important for the future of the country were reported on the Internet before the TV news and the main daily newspapers. Such happenings include the debate about energy, Prodi’s contribution about intercepts, and the creation of the “Partito Democratico” {Democratic Party}.
And in certain cases, things have only been described on the Internet, as they have been ignored, deleted from the TV news and from the newspapers. Among these the main publishing groups stand out as, evidently, they respond to the interests of their owners and only after that to the interests of their readers.
The Internet is freedom of information. Thanks to the numerous bloggers for taking part.

I'm attaching interviews with three of the bloggers that came to the "Incontro dei Valori" meeting:
- Marco Canestrari
- Luca Conti
- Stefano Vitta

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