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Saturday, October 07, 2006

A good Example for Arab young politicians

About this blog

This blog is my attempt to help bridge the gap - the growing and potentially dangerous gap - between politicians and the public. It will show some of what I'm doing, what I'm thinking about, and what I've read, heard or seen for myself which has sparked interest or influenced my ideas. My focus will be on my ministerial priorities and I will be sticking to the ministerial rules about collective responsibility.

I will read and, as often as I can, respond to people's comments on my posts. So please use this site as a noticeboard for new thoughts.

The traditional means of contact for members of the public, MPs and journalists of course remain open. . If you want to raise a specific issue with my department, it’s generally best to contact the Defra Helpline in the first instance. And because this is a Government site I won't lapse into party ranting and I can't link to party political websites - and Defra needs to reserve the right to edit or not publish comments, for example on grounds of inappropriate language.

You'll notice that the first 50 or so posts on this blog had no comments on them. This is because I blogged for a few months within my previous department before this went live.

I don't know of a similar experiment - so let's see how it goes.

David Miliband

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