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Monday, January 15, 2007

'Torture' victim jailed in Egypt

Torture' victim jailed in Egypt
Still from Egypt 'torture' film
The graphic footage of Mr Kabir became public in November
An Egyptian man filmed being sexually assaulted in jail by police officers, has himself been imprisoned on a charge related to the same incident.

Imad Kabir was jailed for three months for "resisting authority", a sentence that has shocked his defence lawyers.

Last year, Mr Kabir was seen in widely circulated footage writhing in agony as he was being sodomised with a stick.

His lawyer says the alleged assault came after he intervened in a dispute between a policeman and his cousin.

The incident happened in January 2006 in Cairo's Bulaq district, but the footage, apparently taken by one of the abusers, did not become public until November.

The case was taken up by Egyptian bloggers and members of the international human rights community.

Two police officers accused of torturing the defendant, Islam Nabih and Reda Fathi, have been detained and are due to face trial in March.

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