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Monday, January 05, 2009

The World Internet Project report 2009

Now, for the first time, the World Internet Project has published its global findings on the impact of online technology -- a five-continent collaboration creates an international picture of change produced by the Internet.


The World Internet Project report includes:  

* New findings about how the Internet is used and how it affects a variety of beliefs, attitudes, and behavior around the world.  The data was collected in AustraliaCanadaChinaColombia, the Czech Republic,HungaryIsraelMacaoNew ZealandSingaporeSweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

* The only report of its kind, the World Internet Project features a comprehensive exploration of:

  • views about technology among Internet users and non-users,
  • use of online services and information sites,
  • online purchasing and concerns about credit card security,
  • social connections,
  • the Internet and the political process,
  • how Internet use relates to usage of other media,
  • media reliability and importance,
  • online communication,
  • blogs, and
  • the Internet and education.

* 372 pages
* 466 charts of findings 
* Nine major areas of study
* 76 specific subjects and detailed responses
The World Internet Project has been exploring the impact of online technology since 1999.
  The study, which began in the United StatesSingapore and Italy, is creating new understanding of the Internet as a worldwide communications and information-gathering tool.  This first annual report will be followed by subsequent yearly releases that will include data from our expanding group (now numbering over 20) of partner countries and regions.


The World Internet Project report provides an essential tool for corporate and public agency leaders who wish to understand the scope of change already produced by the Internet, and recognize that the global change inspired by the evolution of online technology has only just begun.

Click here for highlights and charts of the report.

The report will be available for purchase starting November 24. Please click here to purchase report.

 To learn more about the World Internet Project visit www.worldinternetproject.net

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