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Friday, December 09, 2005

Global Voices 2005 London Summit

Global Voices Online, 2nd Annual Meeting: December 10, 2005
WHAT, WHEN & WHERE:Over the past several months, Global Voices Online has emerged as the leading online portal and guide to international blogs beyond North America and Western Europe. It has also become the hub of a growing community of international bloggers who want to build a better global conversation.
The Global Voices Summit, on December 10th, will be an opportunity for contributors and community members to take stock of what we’ve done, promote our successes, and brainstorm about what a global citizens’ media community might accomplish going forward. The event has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and Reuters. It will be held at Reuters world headquarters in London.
WHO: Bloggers, journalists, warrior monks of the WWW, and people who are trying to figure out what it means for media, geopolitics, and global society when the whole world starts talking online. Click here for the list of participants and attendees.
HOW: The conference room is now full. But anybody can participate online via webcast and live online chat:
Webcast: Click here to listen to the live webcast. (Can be opened in iTunes, or in most mp3 players that support streaming.) Starting at 10:00am London time, Saturday December 10.
If the previous link doesn’t work for you, try this one, which should open a mp3 stream within your browser, rather than in an internal application.
Live Chat: Participate on the live Internet Relay Chat on Freenode at #globalvoices. Those who haven’t used IRC before can click here for instructions on downloading IRC clients and joining the #globalvoices chat.
Live Transcript: Transcription of the conversation will appear in real time on the #is2k5 freenode channel (see instruction link above for how to get on).
Live Blog: Angelo Embuldeniya will be live-blogging from the IRC transcript on the Global Voices ‘05 Live Blog
The daylong meeting includes four sessions, oriented primarily to participants in the Global Voices effort, but also of interest to a wider set of conference attendees.
10:00am: Welcoming Remarks by David Schlesinger, Reuters Global Managing Editor
SESSION ONE: 10:05-11:10am The state of Global Voices.
Overview of what we’ve done so far, and plans for projects in the immediate future. We will also outline the Global Voices model that we’ve pioneered so far, and try to document it for others to use.
Led by: Rebecca MacKinnon and Ethan Zuckerman, Global Voices Co-Founders, with input from Regional Editors Haitham Sabbah (Middle East/North Africa), Neha Viswanathan (South Asia), David Sasaki (Americas) and Sokari Ekine (Sub-Saharan Africa), and Web Architect Boris Anthony.
SESSION TWO 11:30-1:00 Best of both worlds
Much is made of the “blogging vs. journalism” argument. We believe there can and must be room for both in this world, and that the world will be better for having both. In this session we explore the potential for synergies between professional journalists and citizen-bloggers. How do journalists and bloggers interact in the world outside the US and Europe? How can bloggers become journalists and journalists become bloggers? How do the two learn to work together and respect each other? How can we combine the value of professional journalism with the power of citizens’ online conversation to help all members of the human race understand each other better?
Led by Rebecca MacKinnon, with input from Jeff Ooi (Malaysia), Ndesanjo Macha (Tanzania), Dina Mehta (India), Georgia Popplewell (Trinidad & Tobago), David Sasaki (Americas Editor), Onnik Krikorian (Armenia), Ben Parmann (Eurasia Blog), Lisa Goldman (Israel), and Dean Wright (Reuters)
LUNCH BREAK 1:00-2:30pm SESSION THREE 2:30pm-4:00 What makes a successful blogosphere?
Why is it that some countries have developed vibrant local blogospheres (Iran, Jordan, Cambodia etc) while others haven’t? What conditions are required and what outreach can be done by the Global Voices community to help enable and encourage blogging in communities that could greatly benefit from this new citizens’ medium?
Led by Ethan Zuckerman, with input from Roba Al Assi (Jordan), Ory Okolloh (Kenya), Neha Viswanathan (Global Voices South Asia editor), Iria Puyosa (Venezuela), Bun ThaRum (Cambodia), Enda Nasution (Indonesia), Andy Young (SiberianLight), Hossein Derakhshan (Iran)
SESSION FOUR 4:30-6:00 The future of the Global Conversation
How can Global Voices and potential partners in professional and citizens’ media work to build a more democratic, equitable Global Conversation - a conversation in which all people who want to speak not only have a safe and accessible way to do so, but also a chance of being heard? To what extent are the solutions technical (software, etc.) and to what extent is it a question of human efforts, methods and organization? By popular demand, the second half of this session will focus heavily on translation issues.
Led by Ethan Zuckerman and Rebecca MacKinnon, with input from Ahmed (Saudi Arabia), Haitham Sabbah (Middle East/North Africa Editor), Sokari Ekine (Sub-Saharan Africa editor), Farid Pouya (Iran), Kevin Wen (China), Jordan Seidel (Polblog), Pat Hall (Blogamundo), and Chris Ahearn (Reuters)
NOTE: While the sessions will have leaders and “key participants,” they will not be panels speaking to an audience. They are working sessions. All people in the room are expected to participate in the conversation, and anybody may be invited by the session leader to speak at any time.
E-mail: For those hoping to participate remotely or physically we have set up a Google e-mail group. To join the list for announcements and pre-conference discussion please sign up at: http://groups.google.com/group/GV-London05
PRE-CONFERENCE WIKI:If you have some views about what we should be discussing at the conference and/or about where Global Voices should be going from here, please click here to share them on our special wiki page.
The wiki page also includes links to a sign-up sheet for Friday & Saturday dinners, plus a possible Sunday brunch.
If you plan to attend remotely via webcast and IRC and want to introduce yourself in advance to the group, please tell us about yourself on the IRC wiki here.
HISTORY: Global Voices Online was born at last year’s workshop for international bloggers, held on the final day of the Votes Bits & Bytes Conference put on by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School. For more information about last year’s conference see: “International Bloggers Start Connecting the Dots“.
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