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Monday, December 19, 2005

17,5 million French know what a blog is. What about the Arab world

Today, Mediametrie-Nielsen announced the very first survey of blogs, which they have done using a software-spy (with the user agreement !) on 8000 computers around France. They compare the data collected using a phone survey of 12 000 people...
If you speak French, I podcasted the Internet head of Mediametrie, François-Xavier Hussherr.
Here are the numbers in October 05:
-73% of French internet users know what a blog is, 9 web user on 10 of 15-24 age know blogs.
-blogs are read by 3 web users on 10, or 6,7 million french, or 28% of French internet users -1 on 10 have created a blog or 2 271 000 french people or 9,3% french internet users
-8 bloggers on 10 are less than 24 years old.

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