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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Blogging glowing all over Aljazeera forum!

Excellent dear Haitham

Blogging glowing all over Aljazeera forum! (5)

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2nd Aljazeera Forum

Day one of Aljazeera forum is coming to end. I want to apology for not blogging much about the event earlier. But it is really very interesting forum, and a lot of things to talk about. I promise to do that soon, however, Global Voices co-founder, Ethan is doing a great job and sort of putting a transcript of what is going on in all the forums. So, jump in here and follow-up what is going on.

One thing to note is that blogging is the hot topic of the day. Starting from Aljazeera press conference last night until now; in each and every panel, blogging was one of the main pillars of discussion and interest.

While a lot of support was expressed by majority of the, panelists, participants and the media reps. in general, a minor fear of credibility of bloggers. But general understanding and agreement is that blogging is the future, and we need to help and coordinate with each other (traditional media and bloggers) to build a solid and accountable base of news and information flow.

Veronica Pedrosa (the moderator of the panel I was in - Bloggers and Participatory Journalism); did a great job in running the show. However, the feedback that I got from journalists and media reps. after that panel shows that we have a lot more to talk about, and that the panel is not enough to discuss all issue related to blogging and Journalism. In fact some suggested that next year Forum should be in the form of a workshop.

More soon…

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