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Friday, February 10, 2006

Differences between podcasting and radio or TV

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Differences between podcasting and radio or TV

I am trying to sum up the main differences between podcasting, radio and TV

1. a podcast has very low production costs
Podcasters just need their PC microphone, or a cheap digital recorder. For video a phone such as the Nokia n70 or n90 are perfect.

2. a podcast can last as long as we want
Mainstream media (MSM) have limited "on-air" time and have to cut most of the interviews. The only limit to podcasts duration is... becoming boring.

3. a podcast has no audience constraints
A podcast can be created to talk to a few friends or niches such as wine, sports not usually covered by MSM.

4. you don't need to listen to a podcast at a given time
No need anymore to be at a given time to listen to your favorite show. You may download and listen to a podcast when you like.

5. a podcast is available anywhere
There are no transmitters and no satellites with limited coverage areas, so podcasters are often surprised as people listen to them from anywhere on the planet. Language is the limit.

6. Content is much more rich and diverse than MSM
Same as blogs, the long tail of podcasts will show both great content and average or niche podcasts but the most important is hundreds of thousands of sources available.

7. Interactivity. The podcaster is a click away.
With text comments if the podcast is blog based or better, with audio comments and unlike TV & radio stars, people can interact and easily reach the podcaster.

8. Transparency
With the comments received, suggestions and criticism reach the podcaster who gets corrected if he says something wrong but also what he says his enhanced by his auditors.

Which other ones do you see ?


Haitham said...

I think I should start podcasting soon :-)

arabblogandpoliticalcommunicationproject said...

It will be great

Anonymous said...

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