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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Blogging For Political Change

This is this first in a series of discussion on MyDD that focuses on an essay in Get This Party Started. All discussions will be led by the author of the essay in question. Next Thursday, our guest will be Alan Abramowitz. On February 9th, our guest will be Anna Greenberg. Future guests will be announced when they are scheduled.

My article in Get This Party Started is entitled "Blogging for Political Change." I wrote this essay back in late April and early May of 2005, under the premise that it is very difficult, if not impossible, for existing stakeholders in the progressive movement to understand how to work with blogs, bloggers and the blogosphere if they do not understand how blogs, bloggers and the blogosphere operates. It is in this sense that my essay is part of my larger project to help educate progressive stakeholders and the Democratic establishment about the nature of the progressive blogosphere. One other such prominent work in this project as the paper I co-authored with Matt for the New Politics Institute: The Emergence of the Progressive Blogosphere. If major stakeholders in the progressive community do not even understand blogs, how can we ever hope to have a more successful, productive relationship with these stakeholders?

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