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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Blogging4Business Agenda and Speakers

Blogging4Business Agenda and Speakers

On 4 April at Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, London, we have organised a one-day conference Blogging4Business: How blogs can help and hurt your business.

Here’s the updated agenda. Let us know if there are areas of biz blogging that you would like to see covered or panelists we should be considering. For venue details click here.


9AM - 9.15AM

Opening Remarks – Custom Communication

Discussion Panels

9.15 – 10 AM

Why Blog?

Blogging represents a new era in communication – one where everyone with access to the Internet has the power to publish, where people feel emboldened to offer their thoughts and opinions on services and products, and where business markets are being sliced and diced by increasing niche demand. This session is the essential overview of how the blogosphere is going to change your business.

Moderator: Matthew Yeomans - Custom Communication


Neville Hobson - Communications consultant, blogger and podcaster at nevillehobson.com
Guillaume du Gardier - Director Online Communications Europe, Edelman
Stormhoek Wines, the blogging vintners
Olivier Creiche, COO Europe for Six Apart

10AM - 11AM

Blogs: PR, Smart Marketing and internal communications, but what about the ROI?

Can a company control its image when all the world is part of the conversation? With marketing blogs, CEO diaries, internal newsletters and “thought leadership” journals, companies are using blogs to launch new brands, recruit new talent and to keep customers and stakeholders up to date and informed of news and information. But how do you know if you’re connecting to the right audience? We’ll outline successful marketing and PR blogs and show you why they work. We’ll explain how you can improve and measure the impact of blogs – indispensable tools whether you are publishing your own blog or advertising on someone else’s.

Moderator: Suw Charman - Social Software Consultant


Martin Talks, CEO, Bluebarracuda.com
Julian Smith, analyst Jupiter Research
Antony Mayfield - Harvard PR
Lee Bryant - Headshift

11am - 11.30am - COFFEE BREAK

11.30am - 12pm

RSS Intelligence Workshop

RSS, or Real Simple Syndication, is rapidly changing how companies convey information to their stakeholders and how web users navigate the web.

Jeremy Phillips, director of Market Clusters will provide a half hour essential “business intelligence” workshop to demonstrate the power of RSS and the many ways that it will transform the ways you communicate with your employees, your customers and the media.

12PM- 1PM

An Introduction to Podcasting and Video Podcasting

Will podcasting and video podcasting herald a new age of personalized and corporate multimedia? This session will examine how companies are considering harnessing social broadcast tools to reach key audiences both in front of and behind the firewall.

Moderator: Mike Butcher


Gabe MacIntyre - Xolo.tv and Whisper Media
Nick Mailer - Positive Internet
Alex Bellinger - Audacious Online
Lloyd Davis - consultant, Perfect Path



2PM - 2.45PM

What Blogs Are Saying About Your Business

What are the best blog monitoring tools and techniques to find out what is being said about you or your company? We’ll hear from blog monitoring experts and learn about the many ways to navigate the expanding blogosphere, including the latest in feed (RSS) readers and professional blog monitoring services.

Moderator: Dr. Jeanette DeDiemar - @Wales Digital Media Initiative


Anders Schonberg - CEO WaveMetrix
Mark Rogers - Market Sentinel
Vassil Mladjov, founder of Blogtronix
Heather Hopkins, director of research, Hitwise

2.45PM - 3.30PM

The Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Blogging

Encouraging your employees to blog might be the best thing that ever happens to your business, but how do you prepare your workplace for responsible blogging? A panel discussion featuring on the way that blogging is affecting free speech, libel laws and public disclosure for listed companies featuring blogging and internal communications experts who will outline the critical legal and policy areas that companies and communicators need to consider, including: confidentiality agreements; company disclaimers; talking about your competitors; talking about your own company; screening and editing blog posts.

Moderator: Bernhard Warner - Custom Communication


Struan Robertson senior associate at Pinsent Masons
Graeme Foux - director and founder of Knexus
Genie Lutz - Partner, UK OnLine Presence and Tax Portal, PriceWaterhouseCoopers
Philippe Borremans - Public Relations Manager, IBM Belgium & Luxembourg


4PM - 5PM

Blogs and the Media

More than any other industry, the mainstream media has popularized blogging even as bloggers continue to snipe, criticize the MSM and steal its audience. A panel discussion about the ways that blogs are changing the rules of the media game and how companies are beginning the blogger’s essential weapon – the power to publish – for their own benefit.

Moderator: Michael Nutley, Editor - New Media Age


James Ledbetter, Senior Editor - Time Magazine
Peter Bale, Online Editorial Director, Times Online
Guillaume Champeau, Project Manager, AgoraVox.com

2 comments March 9th, 2006

Blue Barracuda On Board

We’re very happy to welcome interactive marketing agency, Blue Barracuda, as a sponsor for Blogging4Business.

Blue Barracuda is active in all areas of online marketing and has some great insights on corporate podcasting. Check out CEO Martin Talks’ blog.

We look forward to hearing their views at Blogging4Business on April 4th.

Add comment March 1st, 2006

MSN to Sponsor Blogging4Business Conference

We’re very pleased to announce that MSN has agreed to sponsor our upcoming Blogging4Business conference (April 4th, Grosvenor Marriott, London…..register today here.

Check out the conference blog for all the latest info.

Add comment February 20th, 2006

Time Europe to Sponsor Blogging4Business Conference

We are very pleased to announce that Time Europe has signed on as a media sponsor for the up-coming Blogging4Business conference (April 4th at the Marriott, Grosvenor Square).

Joining us from Time Europe will be senior editor, James Ledbetter, who will take part in a panel devoted to understanding the influence of social media on the so-called Mainstream Media (MSM). Prior to his position at Time, James was the editor of The Industry Standard Europe.

We hope to make this conference a must-attend event for anyone keen to know how social media will impact their company and industry. To read more about the conference and to register for the event, follow the links in the top navigation on this site.

Add comment February 8th, 2006

New Media Age Supports Blogging4Business As A Media Sponsor

We are very happy to announced that New Media Age, the UK’s only weekly magazine covering the business of interactive media, will be a media sponsor of Blogging4Business.

NMA’s editor, Michael Nutley will be at the conference and will moderate a panel discussion titled: Blogs and the Media.

Check out the Agenda section of the Blogging4Business to find out more.

Add comment January 22nd, 2006

Announcing Blogging4Business Speakers

We’ve been chatting with lots of smart folks in the last few weeks as we shape the agenda for the conference. We’ll be adding more and more top speakers and panelists over the next month but we wanted to share with you the great names who have already confirmed their interest in taking part.

Here is a provisional list of who will be appearing at the conference on April 4, 2006. Check back regularly to keep up to date with new additions.

Confirmed Speakers/Panelists

Peter Bale: Editorial Director - Times Online
James Ledbetter: Senior Editor - Time Europe
Guillaume du Gardier: Director Online Communications Europe Edelman Public Relations
Michael Nutley: Editor - New Media Age
Mark Rogers: Director and Founder - Market Sentintel
Neville Hobson: Consultant and Nevon blogger
Robert Andrews - Education social media consultant
Gabe MacIntyre: Whisper Media
Vassil Mladjov: Founder, Blogtronix
Struan Robertson: Senior Associate at Pinsent Masons, editor of Out-law.com
Fredrik Wacka: Web communications consultant
Martin Talks, CEO Blue Barracuda
Nick Mailer, Positive Internet

Suw Charman: social software consultant
The founders of Stormhoek Wines, the blogging vintners

Add comment January 22nd, 2006

Introducing Blogging4Business 2006

How Blogs Can Help and Hurt Your Business
4th April 2006,
Marriott, Grosvenor Square, London

Somewhere, out there in the blogosphere, someone is talking about your industry and maybe your company. What they say might please you or it might shock you. Whichever it is, millions of other blog readers are paying attention. Shouldn’t you know what bloggers are saying and how to take part in fastest growing and potentially most important area of the Internet?

To help harness the power of blogging for your business, Custom Communication and Retail Events are proud to announce Blogging4Business, a one-day essential conference aimed at providing an intensive immersion into the many ways that blogging can help and hurt your business.

We’ll be using this blog to:
- Help develop an agenda that fits the real needs of business communicators
- Get comment and input from you on what sort of event you would like to attend
- Showcase conference speakers as we confirm them
- Keep you informed of all the details that we believe will make this a must-attend event.

We’ve posted a full conference overview here.

The draft agenda for the conference is here.


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