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Monday, March 20, 2006

guest blogger Richard Sambrook: citizen journalism

[via Smart Mobs]
I posted the full posting, but after a receiving a nice e-mail, I removed it and.

Again, my blog is a metablog and aims to monitor blogging and the changes it may bring to post-modern political communciation in the Arab and Islamic countries.
I declare that those postings posted on this blog are the empirical material for my work-in-progress on this emering area of research.

Many thanks. Mohammad Ibahrine

guest blogger Richard Sambrook: citizen journalism

The following guest entry was written by Richard Sambrook, Director of Global News at the BBC. Richard started his career working on local newspapers and joined the BBC in the 1980's as a radio news sub-editor. He worked his way up the ranks to become deputy director, and later director, of BBC News - a role which made him responsible for over 2000 journalists in 57 locations around the World. Richard spends much of his time investigating how journalism is evolving and sharing his thoughts on these developments with colleagues at the BBC and throughout the industry.


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