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Friday, April 14, 2006

rebecca blood bio: The author of the WEBLOG HANDBOOK

rebecca blood bio

Rebecca Blood is a noted authority on blogging. A respected thought-leader on the Internet's impact on business, media and society, Ms. Blood is an internationally known speaker. She is the author of The Weblog Handbook, which has been called "the Strunk & White of blogging books". It was chosen by Amazon as one of the 10 best books on digital culture in 2002, and has been translated into 5 languages. Her weblog, Rebecca's Pocket, is ranked in Technorati's Top 500, out of 20 million weblogs tracked. She has been featured in the New York Times, Newsweek, Fast Company, the BBC, and National Public Radio and profiled by Time magazine. She lives in San Francisco.

In addition to her book, Ms. Blood has written a number of critically important essays on the theory and practice of weblogs and the intersection between blogging and journalism. Her work has been used in university courses around the world. She has been invited to write for the prestigious academic journals the Nieman Reports and Communications of the ACM. An internationally recognized speaker, Ms. Blood has spoken for diverse groups, ranging from digerati and journalists to academics and Fortune 250 executives. In 2003, the UK's Web User named her one of the Web's "Hot Faces" (right between Beck and Bowie), and Sweden's Internet World ranked her as one of the world's Top Ten Bloggers. She was once Goth Babe of the Week.

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