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Friday, April 28, 2006

Workshop discusses ‘individual journalist’ trend in Arab media

Workshop discusses ‘individual journalist’ trend in Arab media
By a staff reporter

28 April 2006

DUBAI — The increase in the number of bloggers in the Arab world is a main reason in the evolution of an 'individual journalist' trend, a noticeable change in competition, accuracy and credibility in Arab Media, according to a media expert.

Dr Imad Basheir, the first branch Manager of Media and Documentation College in Lebanon, made the statement during a workshop at the Arab Media Forum which concluded in Dubai on Wednesday.

The workshop kicked off with his speech that outlined the history of communication and the different phases that resulted in the interactive media phase that the world is witnessing today, and the morph of the global audience to an information audience and the media to an interactive media. The workshop discussed the phenomena of bloggers and the changes in Arab media that have resulted from this phenomenon.

During this workshop, issues such as freedom of expression, blogger identities and their effect on public opinion and other media channels were also discussed. Dr Basheir added that the number of Arab bloggers was still relatively low, due mainly to reluctance to exercise free speech, poverty and illiteracy levels, high cost of telecommunications and the lack of the proper infrastructure to sustain them.

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